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Ybrands is a full-fledged branding and advertising agency established in 2016 to produce quality branding and advertising solutions for your brand. With three offices in Calicut, Toronto, and Dubai, our agency has worked with businesses across multiple sectors to enrich its brand identity with creative and unique marketing strategies.

Our goal is to accompany your brand from the very beginning- from its logo design to positioning your business in the market. Recently, we have also spread our wings to digital marketing services including but are not limited to social media management, SEO content, package designing, and Product photoshoots. Ybrands specializes in offering a whole branding solution.

Creating an impact on the viewers and readers is crucial for any product. A positive brand experience for the consumer boosts your reach and profits. We work with your vision to design and create brand recall for your products and services. We believe in innovation, quality, and a strategic approach to branding. At Ybrands, we guarantee an exceptional future for your brand.

Our Story

An advertising photographer, a graphic designer, and a copywriter found their wavelengths coincident, resulting in a team of three talented individuals with a common interest and passion, and Ybrands was born. With our unique style and expression, we boost the vibes of your brand.

The Vibrant Team

Taking risks is what sets us apart from the competition, so we can outperform them. What drives us is the big idea and the curiosity to know more. We converse a lot, argue a little more but that’s what keeps everyday interesting and the outcome extraordinary. As a team, we use each other's strengths to drive the project forward to make sure the brands we work with succeed in every way. At Ybrands, we build confident designs to suit your idea through our incredible designers. You have the best shot at branding, with our strategic approach and diverse talents on the game plan. And above all, we have FUN, and that’s what makes us different from the rest!

Shafthar Hashmi

Creative Head & Co Founder

Thaslim Ibrahim

Founder & Managing Director

Rishad Ali

Founder & CEO

Ajay Valsaraj

General Manager


Finance Manager


Creative Director

Bharath Hari

Senior Designer

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