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You can either attract or reject someone based on their first impression of you. The branding process aims to position your brand, bring a positive response, attract, and create a mental reminder in the minds of the consumers. We accompany your brand to increase its business performance with extensive market research and brand strategy. After a thorough market analysis, it is crucial to name the brand and create a logo that is easily relatable to the audience to aptly convey the purpose of the brand and the benefit it holds. Ideas can be similar, but how you put them out depends on different perspectives conceptualized and designed, creating a unique brand identity and personality in the market. Branding your product is a top priority hence, we choose suitable platforms for the business and the target audience.At Ybrands, we tell your story creatively.

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  • Brand positioning
  • Market analysis & research
  • Brand identity
  • Brand experience
  • Brand story


We live in a digital world where everything is digitized and online, thus requiring appropriate advertising campaigns and renewed strategies. Imagine someone going around yelling a crazy message through a megaphone. Even the busiest person would pay attention to it for a moment. In advertising, we work with a similar principle- what catches our attention, whose attention we get, and how crazily influential is the message to the audience. Making a mark on the online platforms for all the netizens out there is your way to establish your brand identity and give a glimpse of your brand experience through videos and content. Ybrands offers you both traditional and online advertising strategies and concepts to suit your taste and style.

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  • Traditional advertising
  • Online advertising
  • Strategies
  • Marketing

Packaging Design

A unique and creative design is an eye candy that cannot go unnoticed. In branding, one of the key elements that help place the brand in the market is the meaning and purpose of its design. What story does the design tell us? Why was it designed in a particular manner? Package design refers to choosing and designing the product looks, in a box or a packet, and taking up appropriate color palettes and layouts to appeal to consumers. All the elements, every dot and line from the brand logo to the package design, bring life to the brand. Inventive thinking, concept development, and content produce impactful designs. We create cup designs, goody bags, labels, and any other brand package you desire to send across your brand message. Our creations are simple but creative designs that are consumer-friendly. We guarantee the best looks for your products on both reels and in real life.

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  • Innovative Design
  • Unique Layout
  • Creative elements
  • Market analysis

Corporate Video Production

There are a wide variety of videos used to engage different types of consumers. Businesses use corporate, commercial, graphic, or tutorial videos to provide sufficient information about their products and services on social media, websites, and other online portals. It increases the possibilities of product reach and serves as a basic marketing approach. Not only do we shoot the videos, but we also help you with imagination, scripting, direction, and throughout the stages of production. Videos are a plausible way to enhance online presence and reach a global audience. Continuing to be one of the strongest tools of marketing, we at Ybrands produce creative videos with graphic and animated elements, helping you build your brand personality. We bring our A-game with video productions to reach your audience with adequate information, thought provoking ideas and inspire an emotional connection with your brand.

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  • Video shoot
  • Scripting
  • Promotion tools
  • Creative direction
  • Analysis
  • TVC script

Product Photoshoot

Product photoshoots bring transparency and authenticity to the product for the consumers. The audience has options to view catalogues and websites with professional, high-resolution, and attractive shots of the product that promotes your brand image and convince purchase. Branding using visuals is proven to be the most effective and efficient way of drawing customers. To take an appealing shot of your product, we combine props, styling, art direction, and studio setup. Ybrands promises to create a dynamic brand profile that engages your website and the mobile audience with great lighting and views of the product.

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  • Studio setup
  • Direction
  • Concept execution
  • Brand Portfolio
  • Location shoot

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has been a life-saving, cost-effective marketing strategy in recent years. A few online strategies on websites, blogs, and social media can bring your business to rank number one in no time. Search Engine Marketing, also known as SEM, increases web traffic to your website through paid advertising which ranks your page higher on google. Another tool we make use of is Search Engine Optimization, commonly known as SEO, where strategic and quality content is incorporated into websites. The content is optimized to match most search keywords online, thereby directing surfers to your page. Furthermore, we have social media management and marketing through Tiktok, Instagram, and Facebook. At Ybrands, we make monthly calendars and write crisp and creative content, along with original concepts that bring more brand visibility across various age groups and platforms. We bring the netizens to you, generating organic web traffic through digital marketing.

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  • Social media management
  • Paid ads
  • SEO & SEM
  • Online marketing

Website Design & Development

In the digital world, it is essential to have a web page to promote your business. A website gives the audience an outline of the product or service, along with the details and a platform to connect. To thrive online amidst flying competition, the company needs a user-friendly website with a unique user experience and easy-to-navigate pathways. It is important to make the user feel part of the page by adding interactive elements and highly responsive communication online. We bring your goals and expectations in line with the demand of the customers by offering them online solutions. We design and develop web pages on WordPress intending to bring your business to light. Accompanying you with well-optimized content and magically designed websites at Ybrands.

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  • User interface
  • user experience
  • coding or programming
  • WordPress

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